Diversify your portfolio with Leisertrade

The stock market is highly dynamic and provides many opportunities for traders and investors. Investment in stocks are often more suitable for more medium to longer-term than other asset classes. The market may often be influenced by various events related to company’s strategy, sales and marketing and the prices may fluctuate based on earning reports, or competitor firm’s stock price. For instance, if a retail firm gets negative press following an unethical treatment of employees in its operations or bad supply chain practices, it is likely that its direct competitors’ share-prices will rise. Firms who make profits pay dividends to their shareholders at a fixed payment per-share.

Purchasing a stock on Leisertrade by opening a “buy” (long), non-leveraged position means that you are investing in the underlying asset, and the stock will be held in your name. However, Leisertrade also provides additional functions using CFD trading, where you can open “sell” (short) positions, use leverage, and buy fractional shares. 

For instance, on Leisertrade you are able to invest as little as $50 in a stock that actually costs $1,000. At Leisertrade, you can benefit from fast execution, with less than 13 ms and ultra-low latency datacenter co-location.