Refer a friend

Leisertrade is offering ‘Refer a Friend’ cash bonus to all of its clients. Give a little, get a lot! Simply share your unique referral link through social media and email and earn $25, $50 and $75 for you and your friend or family member that you bring to Leisertrade. When your friend opens an account, funds it with a minimum $250, and starts trading live with us, you will receive your $25 bonus for the first, 50$ for second and 75$ for the third.

 - Register or login to your Leisertrade account and get referral link.
 - Share your referral link with your friends.
 - Earn $25, $50 and $75 for you and referral once full conditions are met.

Leisertrade is running the “Refer a Friend Program” (the “Program”) and invites all Clients of Leisertrade to register. By registering and participating in the Program, you agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions (“the Terms”) set out below. “Friend” shall mean any person(s) with whom the Referrer has a bond or connection and excludes any person(s) with whom the Referrer has not any acquaintance or association and who consents to receive the Referrer Link. 

All you need to do to get started is complete the opt-in form above, and we will send you a unique link so you can start referring friends today.

Please ensure you read the terms and conditions below to ensure eligibility, or contact to find out more.

Take these three simple steps to participate in the Promotion and receive the Reward:

1 Step.  You must be a client of the Company. Tell your friends and acquaintances about the opportunities for trading on the financial markets, offered by the Company.

2 Step. Once your Friends (one or several of them) open trading accounts in the Company and make a deposit, you will be awarded the Bonus for each Friend.

3 Step. To take part in the Promotion and receive the Reward, fill in the simple form above to provide your details and those of your Friend.

Requirements for the Friend’s trading account

1.1. To take part in the Promotion, the Friend must be verified and must open one of the following types of accounts: Junior, Senior, Expert and Pro.

1.2. The Friend’s first deposit should be $250 or more (two hundred and fifty US dollars).

1.3. The Friend must be a new client of the Company. The term “new” implies that:
        – at the time of the Promotion, the Friend must have no other operating trading accounts in the Company;
        – if the Friend previously had a trading account in the Company, all operations on that account must have been completed not less than 6 (six) months before the beginning of the Promotion.

The Big Deposit Bonus.

Leisertrade offers a welcome bonus of getting 50% bonus of your initial investment.

A good welcome is always appreciated, so we offer all our new traders a free 50% Bonus! It does not really matter whether you have never traded before or have never traded with Leisertrade in particular – if this is your first Leisertrade account, you are eligible to get the welcome bonus and use it for trading.

Everything here is for real as this is not a demo account – you are in control of your own money and you get real profit. We trust you that you will become better at practice, so we provide new traders this nice incentive to boost their trading and allow them to feel comfortable to start with Leisertrade.

If you are at a beginner level, this bonus is a fantastic opportunity for you to try out your competencies and find out more about trading, Leisertrade platform and market without making any serious investments. It will be less risks for the beginners if you have more space for practice with real decisions.

However, if you are more experienced in trading, but it is your first time trading with Leisertrade, then you can use this free 50% bonus to get to know us better. We want to give our new traders some resources and time to explore the services that we provide.

How to get the bonus?

  • Register: Provide your details in the sign-up form and claim the bonus
  • Get bonus: Your free 50% will be added to your account
  • Make profit: Use the bonus to boost your income

Once you get your free 50% Bonus, you can start trading with Leisertrade. Use 50% Bonus to take a closer look at Leisertrade and the Forex market! You just have to open a bonus account, confirm your phone number and e-mail address, and confirm your identity. This is it! With just a blink of an eye 50% of your initial capital will be added to your account and the trading journey with Leisertrade starts now!

Bonuses added by the company to the client’s account can be used solely for trading purposes. It can be used separately or together with the client’s deposited money. Trading with bonuses is possible even if the client loses the deposited money and only the bonus is left on his/her trading account.

Providing our clients with bonuses is the way to let them trade more and trade with higher margins than they would otherwise do. This way, we give our clients the opportunity to trade more than their deposited balance would let them.

Any bonus given by the company can only be used for trading on AssetTrader’s platform and can be withdrawn only after 20 times turnover of the bonus amount in trading volume.