Value & Reliability

We maintain low costs with competitive spreads and flexible trade executions.

With years of experience in developing our technology to build an ecosystem of liquidity partners, we had managed to provide tight spreads in majority of market conditions.


Continuously liquid and exact pricing

  • With the fastest speed and quality of execution you can be confident of continuously fluid and exact pricing because we continuously try to deliver the best execution available in the market

Enjoy fast trade and uninterrupted execution 

  • Our years of development in automating every detail of the trade process, ensured that you are able to execute trades without interruption at the best and competitive pricing that you want to receive.

Price Improvement Opportunity On Limit Orders

  • Our trading technology can automatically pass along the savings through executing your trade at a more competitive price when the market goes in your favor.

Speed of execution is the time that it takes our execution system to execute your trade once your order had been received through the execution system. This is not the time that it takes from when a user receives their confirmation and clicks trade on the platform.

Why To Trade With Leisertrade?

Our Trade Execution Is Quick And Accurate

  • Our compliance department strongly oversees the trading practices and executions. We do not choose and pick which trades to accept, or change the price or the execution speed of your trades.

We Are Responsible For Every Trade

  • We stand behind every execution and we do not overlay responsibility to a third party. We are constantly providing customer support so we are here to address any concerns that you may have.